Our new workshop is really starting to take shape now and I’m so excited! We bought the roof shingles this week and *tried* to pick out siding. I think we are going to use a cedar shake style of siding – but there are still so many options! And colors – that is an entirely different story! That involves thinking ahead to what color I want the house to be, and then making sure the new building coordinates – sheesh.
We are planning on having the “dirty” stuff on the first floor – all the woodworking tools, pottery wheels, kilns, etc and then the upstairs will be for storage and probably my jewelry area. The big hole in the second story floor over on the right – that area will be the two story climbing wall – can’t wait to get back into that!

5 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. the b-line says:

    I’m more than a little jealous! The plan sounds fantastic. What fun you’re going to have in the new workshop, arranging everything just how you want it. New spaces are so much fun!Amy


  2. Ngan says:

    WOW! That is incredible that you will have your own creative space!!! So cool.. and I too am more than a little jealous. You’ll have to post more pictures once it’s finished so I can drool some more. 🙂


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