Meet the Family, Part 2: Skid

Last time I introduced you to our cockatiel, Smudge. Next up, the OG kitty himself, the first of the pack, Skid. AKA Skidmark, Skidders, Brownpaw Sh*tstain and Mo. Skidmark, you ask? I’m a firm believer in naming pets after you’ve had them for a bit so the name really fits. Well, he was so tiny when we rescued him that he didn’t even know how to poop. We would come home to tiny little paw prints all over the laundry room – ’nuff said.
Skid’s a mama’s boy but the biggest troublemaker in the house. He’s a big fan of boxes that are half his size, though his true obsession lies with shoes, like his mama 🙂
Two down, eleven more to go – stay tuned!

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