The Creativity Barn

October 2008
It’s been over five months since my last progress update on the creativity barn and I must say, not much progressed in five months. But to our defense, it IS Cleveland and there is only so much you can do in sub zero temperatures! The last update I gave was the photo shown above in October of last year. 
For those who are new to my blog and wondering what this monstrosity is, it’s a workshop that my fiance and I are building in our backyard. We began in July last year and you can checkout photos from the very beginning on my flickr page here.
January 2009
By January, we had it all sealed up — plywood, windows etc. Minor progress on the inside but most of the time it was just too cold even with one propane and two kerosene heaters.
February 2009
Temperatures warmed enough in February to find a few days for working so progress inside continued. We put up the insulation, ran most of the electrical and began the drywall, upstairs first.
April 2009

Things got cold again so progress haulted for a bit but the coming of Spring brought some new found energy! The past few weeks have consisted of building a wall upstairs, finishing the drywall and turning the outside pink. It’s just about ready for siding.
The upstairs is ready for mud. Do you think we have enough electrical outlets? Cause I’m not really sure …
Next project, staircase. I really hate climbing that ladder!
The downstairs is still a complete disaster but here are a couple shots of what will be the two-story climbing wall — shown from the upstairs and downstairs.
What I haven’t showed you yet is the old building we torn down to make room for the new one. I have a hysterical video of the demolition somewhere and hopefully can post that for you soon. So, what do you think — should my first ‘how-to’ post be plans for your own creativity barn? Maybe not…

13 thoughts on “The Creativity Barn

  1. eNVe says:

    wow nik! that is way too cool for words! can’t wait to see more progress and the finished product! and that climbing wall is genius! such creative use of space.


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