Crafting: Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Flowers

Welcome to the first in a new, highly-requested, How-To series! I’m still trying to think of some snappy little title, so that may change one day. Every other Tuesday I’ll be bringing you a new project and will cover a broad range of crafts and levels of difficulty. 
This week we’re making simple tissue paper pom-pom flowers. I’m highly addicted to making paper flowers of all kinds and will share a variety of others with you in the future but I thought this quick and easy project was a great starter!
What you’ll need for one 5″ flower:
4 pieces of tissue paper, 10″ x 5″
18″ piece of thin wire, floral or any other type
Stack the four sheets of tissue on top of each other. Make 3/8″ accordion folds, creasing after each fold. I find it easiest to make one fold, flip it over, make the other, and repeat, so you are always folding up away from you and it’s easy to see.
Fold the 18″ piece of wire in half and slip over the center of the folded tissue. Twist the bottom closed. Using sharp scissors, trim the ends of the paper into rounded or pointy shapes. I chose rounded for this one.
Separate the four tissues layers, one at a time until the flower begins to take shape. Depending on what you will use them for, you can keep the bottom flat or you can puff them into a ball for hanging.
You can use these little flowers just about anywhere! I love using them as napkin rings for a summer picnic or when we have guests over. You can use them to decorate a basket or the back of a chair, make a bouquet for a vase or they are beautiful as a bow on a gift.
Try layering different colors of tissue for a beautiful effect or embellishing the centers with buttons or beads. You can also easily make other sizes by starting with different sized tissue. In the future I will show you how to make really big ones to hang from the ceiling. I hope you have fun making these pretty little flowers. I’d love to hear about what uses you find for them!
I’ll have a PDF instruction sheet that you can download or print 
available later today.

40 thoughts on “Crafting: Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Flowers

  1. Janelle says:

    i just tried these at work. i couldn’t resist. My first was a bust, but my second I made a little bigger and used six sheets and its super cute! Trying to figure out what to do with it…LOL

    but will probably make a bunch for my house warming party and hang them from the trellis over my patio


  2. Gia@ silk flower arrangements says:

    Lovely tutorial. For a very creative person like you, ordinary materials can turn into something lovely like this one. The end result looks hard to make if someone has no idea how to make one. Thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial, this sure will help me. I'm an artificial flower enthusiast. 🙂 ~ Gia


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