Crafting: Shower Gift Bags

I’m not the Shower type — I don’t like to go to them and I’ve never wanted one thrown in my honor. But, as most of you know, I’m getting married soon (Sept. 12!) and when my Aunt asked to throw me a wedding shower, I would have felt horrible saying no. Being the control freak I am, it was hard for me to accept that the days events, decorations, invites etc would be out of my hands but then I realized one thing I could do — make up some really kick-ass goody bags!
I figured if all these people were willing to come celebrate and bring me gifts, I thought they at least deserved something really special in return (and what a great way to spread some Etsy love)! I started by making a piece of my own jewelry for everyone and next turned to some of my favorite Etsy shops for the rest…

I first went to Amy of The Peach Tree for more beautiful bobbles! Her shop is a favorite of mine and I knew all my guests would love her pieces just as much as I do, so I asked her to send me 16 pairs of earrings, individually packaged. Aren’t they pretty?!

Next I went to Amy of the b-line. I think her little polymer flowers are just the prettiest things ever! I’m a huge fan of her bracelets but thought her new magnets would be just perfect for the goody bags. She made me 16 magnets, each one different, and I attached them to her business cards with a glue dot and packaged them in organza bags. She can customize these (or any of her pieces) to match your wedding colors, or any occasion, and they were a huge hit.

I next turned to another favorite shop of mine, f2 images. I had Emi send me 16 different 4×6 and 4×4 prints and boy was it hard not to keep them all for myself. She sent unpackaged so I could pick which print I wanted to go to each guest, then I bagged them up using the kraft bags, foam core, business cards, tags and ribbon she sent me. I think they were a really unique addition to the goody bag.

Last but not least I went to Amanda of Long Winter Farm for some yummy bath and body products! Eight soaps and eight lip balms, my office smelled good for days! Her mini soaps and balms make great gifts and favors and she can even customize the labels for you with your names or a quote, which I think is so cool. I also packaged these myself in little organza bags.

Next came the fun part of making up the bags! I found all the supplies at my local craft store for very inexpensive. I chose two shades each of pink and brown gift bags, yellow tissue, some very rough and natural looking ribbon and some scrapbooking flowers for embellishing.
I stacked the flowers in alternating shades and inserted a silver brad through the center.
I cut a length of ribbon, wrapped it around one handle and then used the brad to secure it in place along with the flower.

Pink flowers and ribbon for the brown bags and brown for the pink. Quick and easy! So much so that Tyler was even able to help 🙂
I also printed up some name tags that I affixed with string which you can see below, along with a shot of the ‘packing piles’!
These gift bags were a HUGE hit with my guests, and I don’t think they were just saying that to be nice :). Now the next challenge is favors for the wedding — I have a lot to live up to!
I hope this sparks some creativity and ideas for the next time you need a favor or goody bag! Any one of the items alone would be a sweet gift and one your guests would surely enjoy, or think about how some of your favorite Etsy shops may be able to tailor one of their products to suit your needs.
As always, you can find more fun and creative craft projects right here.

27 thoughts on “Crafting: Shower Gift Bags

  1. ArtMind says:

    Wow, amazing bags! Super! It's coming so close isn't it! Hope you're not too nervous & enjoy a great shower! 🙂
    I'm sure the guests will be delighted with this very thoughtful present! You rock & so do all these sellers! 🙂


  2. lesley says:

    wonderful, what a sweet idea! i'm sure your shower guests will be thrilled 🙂 have fun! [this from another person who feels awkward + nervous being 'showered']


  3. spedhead says:

    Those are the most generous party favors I have ever seen! Your guests must have felt so appreciated and very lucky. You are getting married on my birthday, I hope it is a beautiful day. I know you have worked so hard and deserve that!



  4. zahra says:

    Hey! I'm about to have a baby shower in a months time so this is just what I needed !! Keep the rocking awesomness coming ;D …Also I'm a shy newbie and would love sm input on my hairclip store called copperfly , if you like them or want to be helpful with advise please convo me! 🙂 cheers Zahra


  5. JLMadro says:

    WOW!!! Woman you did a great job, I wish I was at your shower, you sure know how to treat your guests! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes for your special day 🙂 God Bless



  6. Jacky says:

    Oh, wow! I am duly impressed. Really. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you end up spending on these? I absolutely looove them! When I get married, I would love to do something like this. I just may have to scale it down suit my very small budget. =) Thanks for sharing!


  7. f2images says:

    Nicole! Everything turned out so beautifully!!! Thank you so much for letting my shop be a tiny part of your wedding shower…what an honor! It would have been VERY hard to share all of those treats from such amazing shops. And what a special and unique gift bag you had for everyone…wow.

    Emi 🙂


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