The Invites…

Having spent ten years of my life as a Graphic Designer, creating my own wedding invitations was something I both longed for and dreaded. So many ideas, so many possibilities, everyone expecting something fabulous from you – the pressure! But, ultimately, it is really fun and rewarding that I have been able to create so many elements for my wedding myself and in the end, after a week of agony, I am very pleased with how the invites came out.

I knew I wanted to go with a long skinny format (to mail in a #10 business envelope), so that was my starting point. Next I worked on the wording, which may have been the hardest part of all. I wanted to keep it casual and light hearted, but still appropriate and sweet. After many long hours, this is what we ended up with:
Together we laugh, we dream, we love…
…and on this day, we marry.
Because you have shared in their lives by your friendship and love, we invite you to join us as
Nicole and Tyler
exchange their marriage vows
We then included the date (September 12!), time and location and ended with my favorite part: Yard games, merriment, dinner, dancing, sinatra and an overabundance of cake to follow.
And when I say ‘overabundance’, I really do mean it. For those who have not seen my previous posts, we are having an entire table of cake! Eight different ones to be exact, in six different flavors, each on its own pretty little cake stand, all lovingly baked by two amazing friends. Of course I’ll be sharing pictures!
Back to the design, I next focused on the physical format of the piece and, initially, all I knew was that I wanted to somehow stitch the invitations together!

I decided on a little ‘booklet’. The back piece was a heavier weight paper with a little ‘tab’ that wrapped around the front over a lighter weight top sheet. We stitched them together on the sewing machine. And actually, when I say ‘we’, I mean Tyler – he stitched them all! Ain’t he great 🙂

The invites were printed digitally at a company I used to work for. Digital printing is a good, affordable option for printing in full color. The quality is not as good as when you print on an offset printing press, but the cost is about 1/8 or so in comparison, especially when you only need a small quantity of something.

For the RSVP, I created a small card which included an email address and phone number for responding. Since things are on the casual side, I thought this was an appropriate option. It also saves money on an rsvp envelope and postage, and also saves time.

I designed a wrap around label for the mailing envelope and printed them on my inkjet printer. The return address is on the same label and wraps to the opposite side of the envelope. I found it to be an easy way to print the labels and I really love the look of it.
I ordered the open end #10 envelopes from Paper Presentation, but you can also find a great selection of colors at Paper Source. I ordered full sheets of ivory label stock from Labels by the Sheet where you can also find many other great colors if you are looking for something other than standard white. So what do you think?!
(A big thanks to Luzel over at ‘I Do’-it-yourself weddings for sharing my invites! It’s one of my favorite blogs and an amazing source for the best handmade wedding goodness!)

37 thoughts on “The Invites…

  1. mandywillard says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! And you can tell that a lot of time and love has gone into them! I think people will be stunned at their beauty when they get one!

    (I needed you when I got married, lol)


  2. Ashley says:

    SO awesome. Love it. As a designer who dreaded my wedding invitations so much that I went with something totally standard I really appreciate all your work. These came out beautifully and you really should be proud of yourselves!!! They are gorgeous!! Only a designer can understand the pains of designing for yourself… your TOUGHEST critic!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Your invitations are gorgeous! Well worth all the time and stress. I have invitation envy :). When we got married four years ago, I really didn't care about the invitations. I whipped them together and put them in the mail. Since then, my creativity and imagination has kicked in, and I cringe when I think about those invitations. Oh well.


  4. April in CT says:

    Oh WOW!! Nicole these are stunning & I love every aspect of them!

    You could make a pretty penny designing custom invites for all sorts of occasions. I love the bird and grasses picture on them.


  5. Jacky says:

    Oh my goodness!! Those are amazingly fabulous and now I'm ridiculously envious…every detail is so gorgeous. I love the stitching (great job, Tyler!) and the wrap-around labels, especially the labels. And I also really enjoyed reading the “reception” details. =D Super great job with those, Nicole!


  6. lesley says:

    i love them! fantastic! i understand the pressure, my husband is an artist/designer and i've always worked in design, so it felt like we were put to the test to design our wedding invites 🙂 i love the colours you chose, and the design is fab. you definitely rose to the occasion!


  7. Linda says:

    Nichole, these are fabulous. The design and wording is lovely and “overabundance of cake” is my favorite part.

    Glad your man helped – that's a good sign.

    Congratulations on the design and on getting married. When's the wedding?


  8. Beadin By The Sea says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous- professional and with a little handmade touch. Just perfect! I wish you both the best on your wedding day!
    BTW, I felt the same way with my wedding dress as I was in the Fashion Design business and I designed and made my own. In the end I got just what I wanted and it worked out great.


  9. Elizabeth says:

    Refreshingly lovely 🙂 You did an excellent job! And multiple cakes is a great idea–we decided on multiple pies for our wedding, and I think people enjoyed it a lot 🙂


  10. lillyella says:

    Hey Heather!
    I spent about 10 years of my life as a graphic designer and did design many invites through those years – its a lot of fun! Id love to help you out when you are ready if you'd like – just shoot me an email!


  11. Tina says:

    Hey Nicole,

    I LOVE your invitations!! So pretty and pretty close to what I had in mind for mine 🙂

    Do you mind if I which program you used for designing them ? I love doing stuff like that by hand but I dont know what it would look like if I scanned/copied/photographed it and then printed it .. Could you give me a tip ? That would be truly awesome!

    Thanks for sharing your invitations!



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