The Decorations…

There are two TV trays setup in front of the couch in my living room. Why? Because my dining room is currently crafting central and has been overrun! Here is just a little peek at what I’ve been whipping up for the wedding table decorations.

I figured this was the perfect time to put our antique bottle and jar collection to good use! I had almost everything I needed, but did have to buy a few additional jars. Most I found at our favorite antique and thrift shops and when I ran out of time to keep looking, I picked up the last few on Ebay.

Yes, the flowers are silk. Hey, I work for myself, I can’t afford real flowers! But, I did find some really nice ones at Hobby Lobby and I think they will do just fine. My bouquet, however, will be real.

The color scheme is generally shades of pink, yellow, cream, white, brown and green.

The tables are rectangular, ivory tablecloths, and I am making runners out of the fabrics shown above. Have I mentioned yet how much I’m NOT looking forward to that project? Though I do think the result will be worth all the time I put into them.

The bottles and jars were looking a little naked, so I gathered bits of lace (some old, some new) and dressed everything up a bit.

Work in progress! Since each table will have slightly different elements, I set each grouping up and will be labeling the ‘sets’ before packing them up. That should make things a little easier when it comes time to decorate the lodge.

There will be three bottles in the center of each table, with a smaller mismatched votive holder on either side (not shown). Then on both ends of the table I will be putting one large jar and one small jar, which will have a candle inside.

I’ll be setting the small jar lids off to the side as part of the display, since they are half of what make the jars so cool!

To attach the lace trim to the bottles and jars, I used Hollywood Fashion Tape. For those who are not familiar, it’s like double sided tape for your body. For those times when your dress just won’t stay in place or you wonder why her cleavage isn’t popping out. I use it for dance performances, to keep shirts from riding up and pants from falling down, you know. I find the hold to be stronger than double stick tape and since it’s made for fabric, it works really well for this usage. I buy mine at JoAnn Fabrics.

There are still many other little pieces and parts not show here for other places such as the cake and candy tables, but I’ll share more pics after the big day! What do you think so far? Is it looking very lillyella?!

25 thoughts on “The Decorations…

  1. JLMadro says:

    WOW! those flowers look pretty real to me, I have never seen fake flowers look so good! beautiful ideas, you are so crafty Nicole! 🙂


  2. M. B. Karger says:

    So Lovely! Maybe it's the thought of your candy buffet influencing my thoughts, but your color palette reminds me of Mentos! Cheery, romantic, and happy, happy, happy! Love the little lace touches too – genius!

    – Marnie


  3. random moments says:

    So beautiful Nicole. I had a lot of different sources of “advice” that didn't allow me to truly make my wedding my own, so it thrills me to see other creative chics out there really bringing their creativity and personal style out in their weddings. Bravo! 🙂


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