Goats on the Roof

Yep, I said Goats of the Roof, and I meant it. If you ever happen to find yourself in Rabun County, Georgia, I highly recommend you stop by.
I have this little goat obsession, you see. So when we headed south to visit Tyler’s family after the wedding, I was happier than a Georgia peach to hear about this gem.

Situated right on Highway 441 running through Northern Georgia you’ll find this happy little place where goats spend their days meandering from roof top to roof top and basking in the warm southern sun.

There’s a rattly old bicycle hooked up to a conveyer belt which allows goat fanatics (like me) to fill a cup with food and deliver it up to the eagerly waiting billies. They often came running at the sound of the squeaky wheels, but for those who missed it, the food cup rings a bell at the end of the line which brings the hungry herd.

Inside the goat-topped buildings you’ll find fun things like homemade ice cream and fudge, stuffed raccoons with cracker jack boxes and the best sign in the entire world.

And outside, well, you’ll just find goats on the roof.

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