sturdy fabric basket

These baskets are quick and easy to make and are fat quarter friendly at the original size (the largest piece you need is 17×15 so pull out those big scraps)! They are made sturdy with a layer of Peltex, but can also be made soft using fusible fleece or batting. You could even very easily sew this entire project by hand with no problem.  Old belts are recycled to make the optional handles.

The pattern has been updated to include a cute patchwork variation AND directions on how to make ANY size basket you wish, from one inch to 1000 inches!

You can find my original blog post about the pattern HERE and read more about the updated pattern and how to make different sizes HERE! Both posts include links to the pattern or you can download it directly here.





22 thoughts on “sturdy fabric basket

  1. Meg says:

    This is a terrific tutorial, thank you so much for offering it. I have made one basket, but need some fabric glue to hold down the folded-over top edge, and I will be fashioning some handles out of scrap leather (I like the leather handles). Your instructions are clear and the photos are very helpful. I’m planning to make some for my sisters, and several more to help organize things in our bathroom and around the house. NOTE: One side-effect of this pattern is … you may be inspired to purchase more fabric for your stash (like I did). 😉 Thanks again!


  2. JeanneMc says:

    I just made one of these last night for a gift, and it came out just perfectly, your instructions were very clear and simple. Thanks so much for such a great tutorial, I’ll definitely be making more of these!


    • nicole young says:

      Hey Valerie! Sorry I missed your comment before. I was not having any trouble downloading on any of my devices, but I reset the link if you want to try again. It’s also linked in both my blog posts so there are several places you can find it. Thanks!


    • nicole young says:

      hey Sarah! Not having any trouble on any of my devices, but I reset it if you want to try again. It’s also linked in both my blog posts so there are several placeds you can find it. Thanks!


    • nicole young says:

      Hi Janis, In the last paragraph of this post, there are three links that will take you there. Where it says you can find the pattern HERE and HERE or download it directly here. Hope that helps!


  3. namy bansal says:

    Hi Nicole, Can I use outdoor fabric(polyester) instead of cotton? Do you think it will still work with above instructions for basket.


  4. Melissa says:

    I’ve made a basket to hold my purses. My pattern came out to 27” wide and 32” long but the Peltex is only 20” wide. Any suggestions on how to do the Peltex interior for bigger sized baskets?


    • nicole young says:

      Hey Melissa!

      Yes, you can butt the edges together and join it with a tight wide zig zag stitch. If you are a quilter, this is the same way you join batting scraps. Just be conscious of where you put this “seam” – in an area where there is the least stress, which just depends on the design of your basket and how you are using it. You can also layer a second piece of peltex if needed. I hope this helps! Id love to see your project when its finished!


  5. Judy Strong says:

    This is such a cute basket. Thank you for the tutorial, and for the method to make various sizes.
    One question: Do you think that non-fusible interfacing (Peltex 70) could be used instead of the fusible one you mention in your supplies?


  6. Elaine Fordham says:

    I was wondering if I could use Pellon fuse-n-shape which is two sided fusible which is what I have instead of the Peltex 71F which is single sided. Would this work?


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