butterfly charm blocks

Say hello to Cricket, Gidget & Pepper, the Butterfly Charm Blocks!

These little paper pieced blocks measure 5.5” after piecing and can be used as a 5” finished square or trimmed to 5” for a 4.5” finished square, making them perfect for mixing with 5” charms.

Click here for the PDF patterns!


48 thoughts on “butterfly charm blocks

  1. Choose says:

    Well, I did my first paper pieced block. I chose Gidget since she seemed the easiest to make and I used Cassandra’s tut as well. Thank you so much for your generosity. I’m working on the maker mat. I will try and share when it’s complete. Again thanks!


  2. Paula Hardesty says:

    Nicole I am new at this. You had sent me an email to my reply. Here is my question that might help others. Can I make the block bigger than 5″ and it still be okay? I want to say yes but I haven’t done this before. I’m gathering supplies – can’t wait to make them. I figure I should do these before I try the one I bought from you. It looks like I need experience for it. lol


    • nicole young says:

      Hey Paula! Short answer, yes. You can reduce or enlarge any pattern. The only thing that will change and affect measurements is the outer 1/4″ seam allowance. It will be larger than needed when you blow up a pattern. So, in that case, you would simple trim using a 1/4 guide on a quilters ruler rather than using the dotted seam allowance line on the pattern. I hope this helps!


  3. Andrea Kalinowski says:

    These are wonderful patterns! Just made 2 of each one. No 2 alike. Thank you for sharing. Wish I could share a picture with you. Not sure how. Audrey


  4. Shelley says:

    I’m just getting into the paper piecing skill…. Thanks so much for these patterns. I just hope I can do them justice.


  5. Hhappywheels2 says:

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  6. Gayle Kabes says:

    Thank you so much for the free patterns! Hope to get to use them before long. Love the hummingbirds and the butterflies to begin my journey with FPP. Again thanks


  7. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely butterfly paper pieced blocks pattern! I’m just learning to FPP/EPP/paper piece.


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