tutorials & free patterns

I hope you enjoy these free patterns & tutorials! All photos will link you to a PDF download and more specifics & photos of the projects.

You can find my for sale patterns on Payhip and Etsy.

50 thoughts on “tutorials & free patterns

  1. Meredith Brehm says:

    Hi! I made one of your sturdy fabric baskets and absolutely love it! I found the pattern on Craftsy. Thank you for sharing it! I was wondering if you think that cut pieces of Peltex that are stitched together at each seam would work in each side and bottom rather than one large folded piece stitched only at the two sides. I have so many smaller pieces of Peltex and would love to be able to use them. The intended use of the basket is to house some of my 3 yr olds doll clothes. Thank you in advance!


  2. Lindy says:

    Thank you for sharing the Undercover Maker Mat, I downloaded it from Etsy and I’m here for the butterfly pattern. I would like to let you know that I appreciate your tutorials and free patterns. Lindy


    • Michelle Baker says:

      Im not an English paper piecer per say,,but I had no problem making one of these blocks.They are very fun and addicting:)As long as you have no distractions that require peanut butter sandwiches ,or to be let outside for potty breaks,lol


  3. Juanna Barnes says:

    What a lovely site to stumble across!
    Wonderful patterns!
    Keep up the great work in your Colorado home.
    Thank You!!


  4. Kimberly Sweat says:

    I discovered you while looking for something to hold my EPP supplies while I work on the sofa or chair. When I found your mini maker station, it was like you were inside my brain. Every little thing I needed was included like the pin cushion the thread catcher and a little tray which I used to hold my big spool of thread along with the pockets. It was perfect and the pattern was easy to follow. Thanks so much for your creativity!!


  5. Fiona Lennon says:

    I made a version of your Sewing machine cover cum mat with detachable thread catcher! Thank you for the pattern, I love it. Fiona.


  6. Carol Lynn Moore says:

    I am still waiting for the bias weave pillow pattern you made with the Blithe fabric. We communicated regarding this but you were going to the hospital for treatment but indicated you would be finishing this pattern after recovery. I have all of the fabric and it matches the quilt of I making of the same fabric. Please let me here fro m you regarding the project. Thank you, Carol Moore


  7. Annemarie E says:

    Looked all through your site….lots of finished photos of your “the under cover maker mat”. Didn’t find any fabric requirements or instructions to make the item. Lots of clicks this or that for instruction or pattern.
    Maybe it is now not a free pattern? Or no longer available.
    Many thanks


  8. Rhonda D says:

    I was stopped in my scrolling by your stunning Sugar Baby pattern and could not believe my eyes that it’s offered for free! I haven’t done this type piecing before but will try this ASAP. My Mom loved her hummingbirds and I now keep feeders for them too. Thank you for your work.


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