In the Kitchen: Corn Casserole

This week we’re cooking up delicious Corn Casserole. It’s like cornbread with a twist and is really easy to make. Just a few basic, inexpensive ingredients cook up a big pan that’s sure to please. It’s a great side dish and perfect for a holiday meal or potluck. The leftovers also store well and can easily be reheated in the microwave or oven. You can even mix it up ahead of time and leave it in the fridge until your ready to bake. You will find a printable recipe card at the end of this post as well as some variations to spice up the dish.
Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 45 min | Serves: About 8 – 12
What you’ll need:
1/2 C (1 stick) margarine, melted
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
8 oz sour cream
15 oz can whole kernel corn, drained*
15 oz can creamed style corn
1 box corn muffin mix (I use Jiffy)
In a medium/large bowl, soften/melt the margarine, add the eggs, salt and pepper. Stir until mostly blended.
Next add the sour cream and both cans of corn. Mix again until blended.
Last, add the corn muffin mix, fold in slowly and mix until blended.
Pour into a greased baking dish of your choice. One batch will fill a 13×9 pan or you can use two round dishes, fluted pie pans, smaller rectangles etc. The baking time is usually the same regardless of what shape pan you use.
Bake at 350° for about 45 minutes. Top will begin to crisp and brown and the underneath will remain softer. Let stand about 10 minutes before serving for inside to set a bit. 
*If you would like this dish a little gooier inside, more of a ‘corn pudding’ with a bready top, do not drain the whole kernel corn. I make it both ways, and both are delicious. 
Aside from being easy and super yummy, what I love about this recipe is the versatility. Eat it as a side dish with herb grilled chicken or ham or top it with country gravy (yummmm). It’s also a great, hearty vegetarian dish when served with a salad or fruit. 
You can easily spice up this recipe or make it a meal in itself by adding ingredients such as cheese (cheddar or swiss work great), cubed ham, bacon, or cut veggies before baking. Just be sure any meat or veggies you add are precooked. Even simply adding additional seasonings such as garlic and onion powder or crushed red pepper will give it a different taste. I’d love to hear about what creative ways you find to change up this recipe or if you enjoy it just the way it is!

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13 thoughts on “In the Kitchen: Corn Casserole

  1. fray says:

    mmmm….CORN! Gonna have to try this asap! hmmm, I’m thinking a little garlic and fresh ground pepper would be yummy to add. Ok, gotta wipe up the drool now! Thanks so much for the recipe 🙂


  2. Amy says:

    This is probably my MOST favorite dish!!! Except when I make it, I leave out the sour cream, add an extra egg, and I add one small can of green chilies and cheddar cheese. It gives it a zesty, almost Southwestern flavor, but it goes well with anything or even by itself.

    I may try it with the sour cream just to see if I like that better. 😀


  3. Amy says:

    Opps, I forgot to mention, in my version: skip the pepper and salt, don’t drain the corn, and chop up an onion and saute the onion in the butter before adding to the rest of the ingredients. :o)


  4. North and Oak says:

    I made this last evening, but I added Dean & Deluca's Curry Blend seasoning before adding the sour cream. Very yummy! Recipe was easy, ingredients were cheap and the result was impressive. Thanks!


  5. Bundled says:

    Mmm..your pictures make me so hungry for corn casserole. I make one similar to this except I substitute egg beaters for the eggs and use greek yogurt in place of the sour cream, delicious!


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