Mini Maker Case SAL – Inside binding

It’s the last step in the Mini Maker Case Sew Along, we’re almost done! If you’re just joining in to the sew along, please be sure to check out all the previous posts here and scroll down to the kick off.

Today we bind the inside raw edges of our cases and then revel in our masterpiece! Once again, this step is detailed in the Mini Maker Case pattern so I don’t have too much to add, but will mention a few things.

Many of you have already cut your strips, but for those who have not, I did make a quick little down and dirty video talking about how to cut bias binding, how to measure 1.625″ and why using this measurement is important versus a larger binding cut like 2″ or 2.25″ that you may use on a quilt. I also want to mention again that you DO need to use bias cut binding for this case. Straight cut binding will not bend around the curved corners.

For a more detailed tutorial on cutting bias binding, check out this post from All People Quilt. If you’re cutting a large quantity of bias binding, there are several neat tricks for doing this efficiently, so poke around on YouTube and watch some various methods.

Once you complete this step, your case is done! Take some final photos and post them by Monday September 28 on social media with the sew along hashtags #minimakercasesal2020 and #minimakercase (or email them to me if you’re not on social!). One winner will be drawn at random to win a pink Mini Oliso Iron!

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