Crafting: Button Bracelets

Love buttons? Who doesn’t?! Chances are, whether you are crafty or not, you have a stash of them laying around, or maybe an addiction to collecting vintage ones. Well today I have a simple project that will put them to good use, button bracelets! You can also use new buttons for this project, and these days there are so many cool ones available at your local fabric store, the design possibilities are endless.
What you’ll need:
Elastic, 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick
Needle and Thread
I decided on a yellow and seafoam green color palette for my bracelet, using a mix of some chunkier vintage buttons I have collected and a few new ones I purchased to match. You can use a repeating pattern or all one-of-a-kinds and I think it adds interest to stack some of them, so keep that in mind when choosing your buttons. I also chose a gold thread that I thought would be a nice pop, but you can match your thread to each button or even use clear nylon thread.
Start by wrapping the elastic loosely around your wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit. Cut it to size with about 3/4″ or so of overlap. Make a small mark on the elastic right past the overlap. I also find it helpful to mark the middle.
With the elastic laid flat as a guide, make a rough layout of your button placement to determine the design and how many buttons you will need. Do not include the end past your mark, see photo above for reference. You want the buttons to overlap each other a little so account for this when setting them out.
Once your layout is ready, you can sew the elastic together securely, forming the bracelet. I did this by hand but you can use a sewing machine if you choose.
Next, begin sewing the buttons in place, one at a time, starting at your marked center of the bracelet. Be sure to securely knot the thread after each button is attached. Above I show a method I find to be really easy and secure. Thread the needle up under the stitches, pulling the string through, then thread the needle through the resulting loop, under the thread closest to you and pull tight. Repeat this a few times.
As I mentioned, you want the buttons to overlap each other a bit so you do not see the elastic when you are wearing it. I find it helpful to just put one stitch through the button and try it on to make sure you like the way it is laying, then finish stitching it in place. As you go, you may also decide to change your button layout.
Continue adding buttons until you cover the bracelet and you’re done! It may take a bit of adjusting to get them to fit properly toward the end, but just be flexible with your design. You can always move or replace a button pretty easily if needed since they are all sewn on separately.
I love this project because it’s easy, inexpensive and a lot of fun. I also think these bracelets would make really sweet gifts, so if you’re on my christmas list, you’ll be getting one of these and some teabags
If you try your hand at this project, I’d love to hear about it! I’ll also be starting a flickr group soon for sharing your own craft project photos, so I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, have fun crafting your own button bracelets!

63 thoughts on “Crafting: Button Bracelets

  1. Bundled says:

    thank you .. this is a great tutorial and I’ve just gotten a huge box of my grandmothers vintage buttons! Looks like all her children/grandchildren will be getting beautiful button bracelets for Christmas this year 🙂


  2. LuLu says:

    I love this! And it's a project that I have ALL the supplies on hand for! I'll have to make this when I get a chance do dig through my 2 huge tins of buttons!!


  3. Madison says:

    Hi I am Madison. I am a follower now! I love your blog and will be visiting often!!!! I love the button bracelet it is beautiful!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

    Love, Madison


  4. Senae says:

    Thank you very much for this helpful tutorial! Your bracelet is beautiful. The buttons you used on it are very unique and stunning. I searched “button bracelet” on google and found your post. A friend of mine told me she bought a button bracelet at a craft sale over the weekend that she just loves but thought we could probably make them fairly easily as gifts. I love buttons, and this is such a great idea!! Thanks again for sharing your talent.


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  11. Anonymous says:

    I was at my mom's today and I mentioned this project to her and my sister. I raved about how cute, yet easy, these bracelets were. Well, my dear mother went into another room and came out with a box containing LOTS of buttons that belonged to her mother, who passed away in 1979. She remembered her mother cutting these buttons off of everything. She came from that resourceful era where nothing was thrown away. So as soon as I pick up some elastic we will be making button bracelets for all the “girls” in the family. Thank you so much for this idea…we can't wait to wear our bracelets made from mom's/grandma's/great-grandma's buttons! Keepsakes!!! Vonnie in MN


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  13. Hyacynth says:

    Brand new here, but I made my own bracelet this afternoon. And I love it! I'd be happy to share the results via picture if you want. Or maybe I'll blog it and come back and leave you a link. But it's beautiful and perfect, and I made it for about $18.


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